7 Baking tips to make you more efficient!

My never-ending love for desserts pushed me in the wonderland of baking for it was much more fascinating than Alice Wonderland. It’s pointless to say that my first few baking experiments were horrifying. They were bad in taste, poorly baked and looked bad to the point of ugliness. But, I wanted to bake a perfect cake that everyone would enjoy.

I spent hours on YouTube videos, went through many food blogs and consulted lot of my friends to get their secret tips. I believe that the cake you bake in your home is much better in taste, hygiene and cost than the cake you get from your nearby bakery.

I want to share few things with you that can be helpful for making your first baking experience less horrifying 🙂 Continue reading “7 Baking tips to make you more efficient!”

cream puffs

Why am I in love with baking?

Living in the concrete jungle we have long evolved the time when food was scarce and we lived as hunters and gathers. We are an ever-evolving species, from hunters and gatherers to farmers and from farmers to mathematicians, physicians, philosophers, inventors, and engineers. We have come a long way but we cannot deny nor supersede the basic instinct of human nature.

Baking for me is what hunting is, to a natural predator, regardless of their species. It is the essence of life that keeps me energized like a morning walk in the park by the stream, beneath the trees, on lush green grass. There isn’t much to it, rather a hassle if you are not into it, but it is something that keeps me in love with simple pleasures of life. Continue reading “Why am I in love with baking?”